Increasing of energetic effectivness of company TUBAPACK, a.s.

obr: Increasing of energetic effectivness of company TUBAPACK, a.s.

Project name: Increasing of Energetic Effectivness of Company TUBAPACK, a.s.

Recipient: TUBAPACK, a.s.

Recipient address: Priemyselná 12,965 63 Žiar nad Hronom

Location of project realization: Ladomerská Vieska, Žiar nad Hronom, Autonomus region of Banská Bystrica

Initiation of the project: 07/2014

Termination of the project: 12/2014

Provider: Ministry of Economy of Slovak republic

Intermediate body: Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency

Operational programme: Competitivness and Economic Growth

Appeal code: KaHR-21SP-1301

Amount of contribution: 304 657,80 EUR

Total legitimate costs: 553 956,00 EUR


Project description: By the implementation of measurements to increase energetic effectiveness; specifically by modernization of lightning in storage areas, insulation of building external sheathing, together with gates and windows replacement, by modernization of cooling system in production hall and replacing of roof skylights; reduction of energy and operational costs will be achieved.

Project objective: The main objective of the project is to increase energetic effectiveness and competitiveness of the company TUBAPACK, a.s. by reduction of energy costs.

Project outcome: Decreasing of energy consumption; by means of improving insulating properties of production hall, and of using energy more effectively; will contribute to reduction of primary energy consumption and reduction of energy costs, and will also contribute to increasing of operational flexibility of the company.


Zvýšenie energetickej efektívnosti spoločnosti TUBAPACK, a.s