Promotional video

Christmas song called "Turn off the lights"

Before Christmas season, TUBAPACK, a.s. for all friends, acquaintances, family members, business partners as well as colleagues and all fans, prepared a Christmas song called "Turn off the lights".

The author of the music and the lyrics is Sitňan musicband, which in the past created the company anthem as well. It was recorded in the studio LVGNC Bratislava. Michal Schwarz was responsible for producing and editing the video and Animanio for creative animations.



In August 2013, company TUBAPACK, a.s. made a promotional video. Its aim is to introduce the company to potential customers as well as to the general public.

Pavol Prekopp, a member of Žiar´s punk-rock band Sitňan, is the author of the lyrics and the band also recorded the anthem. Peter Sihelský was responsible for shooting and production, together with the company´s employees Richard Paczelt and Michal Miškovský.