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Mission of TUBAPACK´s Foundation is to support areas of social life that lack financial resources to achieve a high quality and stable level.

Mission of TUBAPACK´s Foundation is to support areas of social life that lack financial resources to achieve a high quality and stable level. Our goal is to contribute to better education of people, to improve health service, to protect the environment, to preserve the cultural heritage of our country, to support talents in the field of culture and sport and to lend assistance to those who need it the most. The Foundation, through the support of quality programs, helps to realize activities with a public-service purpose that reinforce the core values of the society in which we live.

The Supreme body of TUBAPACK Foundation is Board of directors. Its members approve and regulate the work of the Foundation. The Statutory body of the Foundation is an Administrator, who manages its activity and acts on its behalf.

The purpose of the Foundation is:

  • development and protection of spiritual values
  • development and protection of natural and cultural heritage and monuments
  • protection of human rights or other humanitarian goals
  • protection and creation of the environment
  • protection of life and health
  • development and support of education, science and art
  • development and support of sport
  • social assistance to families and individuals

Program focus


Health and Health service

We support healthcare activities and projects to improve health prevention and protection with the aim to help to create conditions in patient care facilities. We provide contributions to improve hospital facilities and help improve patient care.

Education and Talent development

We contribute to the development of the company by actively supporting partner projects of several non-governmental organizations and schools. We support modern schools, motivate good teachers and help develop children's talents.

Creation and Protection of the environment

Responsibility to the environment is one of our priorities. A healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle are in line with the healthy and valuable living of each of us. Preservation of nature is ensured by the protection and environmentally friendly use of natural resources.

Culture and Sport

We help to preserve our cultural heritage and support projects aimed at protecting cultural heritage and reviving customs and traditions. Our priorities include support for sport and sporty gifted children in our region.

Social regional projects

Each of these areas includes support of projects that are oriented at TUBAPACK employees and the general public throughout the Slovak Republic, but primarily in Žiar nad Hronom and the Žiar region.

Supported projects:


Ice bears of Pohronie

Ice bears of Pohronie

Slovak action of "Ice bears of Pohronie" association, held in the Bejvoč water reservoir near Žiar nad Hronom

The First Goat Festival

The First Goat Festival

"The First Goat Festival" in the village of Janova Lehota, whose organizer was Goat B + B Farm.

On wings of angels

On wings of angels

Benefit-cultural event "On wings of angels" in Žiar nad Hrono

Kremnické laso 2019

Kremnické laso 2019

ZUŠ J.L. Bell in Kremnica - Support for group, festival and competition activities in 2019 Kremnické laso - Slovak music competition

The most important supporters of the Foundation are:


Contact persons


Ing. Michaela Dovcová
Foundation Administrator

+421/(0)45/ 601 5311
+421/(0)45/ 601 5312

Ing. Adriána Gottasová
Foundation Reviewer

+421/(0)45/ 601 5339
+421/(0)45/ 601 5312


Priemyselná 12
965 63 Žiar nad Hronom


Are you interested in supporting the TUBAPACK Foundation? You can do this:

  • by paying 2% of the tax paid to the TUBAPACK Foundation
  • a financial donation credited to the TUBAPACK Foundation account SK0311000000002941046464



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