Aluminium tubes


Universal packaging for a wide range of application possibilities.

Aluminium tubes have several specific advantages over tubes made from competitive materials. Our aluminium tubes protect the filling against oxygen, moisture, light, UV rays, water vapor, fatty substances or microorganisms. Their significant advantages also include corrosion resistance, complete recyclability, ability to protect the products for long period, suitability for hot sterilization, while environmentally friendly. Aluminium tubes are manufactured from aluminium with purity of 99,7% and are suitable for the use in food and non-food industries.

Specifications of aluminium tubes

We have made the process of sending an inquiry easier for you.

We have made the process of sending an inquiry easier for you.

We have designed an application for creating a tube to your specifications. You can send us your own tube design after completing it. Sending an inquiry has never been so easy.


Conical tubes

Besides aluminium cylindrical tubes, product portfolio also includes conical tubes. Their advantages are unique design and reduction of storage and transport costs. Tubes can be stacked one onto another thanks to the tube body extension.

Excellent parameters of design and protection

8 colour offset printing

white/colour base lacquer

transparent base lacquer

Accurate design

The outer surface of tubes is coated with basic lacquer (white, coloured, transparent). Moreover, this enhances the visual quality of prints and protects tubes against external effects. The tubes can be printed with up to 8 colours in accordance with customer requirements and according to PANTONE colour guide.

Reliable from inside

The interior of aluminium tubes is coated according to customer requirements. Its purpose is to protect packed products for a long period of time. The tightness of tubes during filling and squeezing out is assured by applying of latex strip on the inner side of the tube edge.

latex strip

pigmented inner lacquer

gold inner lacquer

without inner lacquerа

3D visualisation of aluminium tube

Why be limited by only two dimensions, when we have the ability to see the world in 3D?

We provide creating of a virtual tube in space; either by 3D file version, or by viewing it from different angles or by video. This way, customer has the opportunity to see the real tube before its serial production begins.

Laminate tubes

Combination of advantages of both aluminium and polyethylene tubes. Light, hygienic and safe packaging.



Continuous improvements in quality assurance. Successful recertification in 5 management systems.



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