Tube filling


Full-service, from production to delivery.

Your new sales intensions support via full-service without necessity of investing in machinery.

TUBAPACK provides you with tube production followed by tube filling. We show you new possibilities of external capacities use of tube filling for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial products. We provide you with a perfect tube, from a graphic design up to its filling with your product.

Process of tube manufacturing, tube filling and tube packing meets today‘s strictest requirements. This is also confirmed by introducing HACCP. We fill your tubes with your products using a modern fully automated device from renowned Italian manufacturer IMA COMADIS in hygienic conditions. The device is designed to fill and seal laminate and aluminium tubes. Based on the material used, the devicies equipped with a corresponding closing system or uses the combination of closing systems.

Filling process quality

Parts of the device in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 316. The device is manufactured according to GMP rules, recommended by FDA and is suitable for use in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Products suitable for tube filling:


mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, food, ingredients, chocolate, condensed milk, alcoholic drinks, energy drinks or gels, pâté, honey, marmalade, cheese, chewing gum etc.


toothpaste, hand creams, sunscreens, massage creams, face and shaving creams, shower gels, hair shampoos, peelings, lotions, gels, soaps, balms etc.

Pharmaceutical products

herbal ointments, pharmaceutical gels and ointments, veterinary preparations, dermatological ointments, massage gels, disinfectants, emulsions, gels, fixation gels etc.

Industrial products

adhesives, sealants, silicones, detergents, shoe polish, washing paste, liquid gloves, gel arsonists, poisons for pest control, polishing paste etc.

Creative and inventive design combined with counselling

As we have years of experience in tube filling field, we can choose a suitable material, perform suitability testing, propose filling size, adjust printing in accordance with your required propositions, texts and graphics, and eventually deliver already made product in a tube.

Aluminium tubes

Universal packaging for a wide range of application possibilities.


Laminate tubes

Combination of advantages of both aluminium and polyethylene tubes. Light, hygienic and safe packaging.



Continuous improvements in quality assurance. Successful recertification in 5 management systems.