Laminate tubes


Combination of advantages of both aluminium and polyethylene tubes.

Laminate tubes are suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products. They are manufactured from multi-layer laminate foil with the use of aluminium or plastic barrier that is inserted between the inner and outer layers of the tube. Laminate tubes represent and easy, hygienic and safe method of packing, that provides efficient barier agains leakage of volatile substances and protection against UV rays as well.


Create your own tube

We have made the process of sending an inquiry easier for you.

We have designed an application for creating a tube to your specifications. You can send us your own tube design after completing it. Sending an inquiry has never been so easy.


Laminate tube with Braille script

The first tube with Braille script.

TUBAPACK, a.s. is the first manufacturer of laminate tubes with applied Braille script intended for blind and poor-blind people. The advantage of these tubes is that all information, including the product name, can be printed in Braille directly on tubes, so there is no need for any additional package. Thanks to uniqueness of this product, our company won the first place in national competition „OBAL ROKU 2010 – THE PACKAGING OF THE YEAR 2010“ in Czech republic and THE WORLDSTAR FOR PACKAGING 2010 in international competition in Düsseldorf.


Excellent parameters of design and protection


copolymer layer

aluminium barrier

copolymer layer


digital printing

parcial varnishing

matt / glossy varnish

hot / cold stamping

white / silver / transparent foil


polyethylene layer

EVOH barrier

polyethylene layer


Tubes from laminate foil with ABL barrier

The barrier against leakage of volatile substances from tube contents and against oxidation of tube contents is formed from aluminium foil, which is also the carrier of laminated layers of plastic material. This barrier feature gives an advantage to the laminate tubes over plastic tubes that do not possess such a feature.

Tubes from laminate foil with PBL (EVOH) barrier

A plastic barrier provides protection against leakage of volatile substances from tube contents and against oxidation of tube contents. The advantages of laminate tubes include the shape memory – the tube resumes its original shape after it is squeezed. Tubes can be also manufactured as transparent and fully recyclable.

3D visualisation of laminate tube

Why be limited by only two dimensions, when we have the ability to see the world in 3D?

We provide creating of a virtual tube in space; either by 3D file version, or by viewing it from different angles or by video. This way, customer has the opportunity to see the real tube before its serial production begins.

Aluminium tubes

Universal packaging for a wide range of application possibilities.



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