Our commitment to product quality and competitiveness is supported by continuous improvements in quality assurance as evidenced by successful recertification of individual management systems:

ISO-9001 ISO-14001 ISO-45001 ISO-22000 ISO-27001 TUV-GMP ISO-2702

In addition to the certificates above, we have obtained the Certificate of Compliance from national certification body – VÚSAPL as well as the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).



Beyond the scope of common standards, our experienced staff provides its know-how in creating the overall design of tube, cap design, selection of material and printing.



n 2011, TUBAPACK, a.s. established its own laboratory that now promotes to produce tubes of highest quality. The laboratory is equipped with all testing and measuring equipments to control the mechanical and chemical processes, which are necessary for quality assurance of finished aluminium and laminate tubes and input materials as well.

The primary objection and also the mission of TUBAPACK, a.s. is to offer its customers tubes of highest possible quality. We are in a position to declare and confirm this quality by issuing a fully valid certificate based on professionally measured values taken on measuring equipments of world quality. The establishment of own laboratory has been significantly contributing to the improved tubes quality and production efficiency.